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ChattDog Trainer: Dog and Puppy Training for Chattanooga,TN Pet-Parents

Chattanooga dog trainer Heidi Casey on a dog walking adventure in Big Soddy Gulf with a trail adventure dog client

Feel Like Your Dog Is Out Of Control? Don't Know How To Fix It?

You're not alone.

Most dog parents feel this way at some point. Whether you’re up in the middle of the night cleaning up puppy potty accidents or have a dog that yanks on the leash while walking - it’s easy to feel the frustration grow. You deserve peace of mind and a peaceful home. We’re here to help make that happen for you!

Here at ChattDog Trainer, we believe that every dog has the potential to be a great companion, and our goal is to help them become the best version of themselves. Through private, positive reinforcement in-home dog training, we’ll pave the way for a lifetime of less stress and more fun with your pup!

Puppy Training

Puppies can be so cute! But the peeing, crying, shredding can get on your last nerve! We'll help you and your pup figure it all out so you can both rest easy.

Dog Training

Do you have a dog that could use a hand with some of the basics or learning how to calm down? Whether they need to master a “come” or a “leave it” - we’ve got you covered.

Trail Adventures

Do you have a pup that is just “go, go, go”? Could they use a little extra exercise and enrichment to help them settle down at the end of the day? We can help!

Training Philosophy

Dogs do what works for them, so let's show them how to get the good stuff by rewarding the behaviours we want! The science shows that using positive reinforcement training methods helps dogs learn in a way that is most effective and long lasting. It is also a lot of fun for both you and your dog!

As a Pat Miller Certified Trainer (PMCT), I'll never use pain or fear while working with you or your dog. I'm passionate about creating a safe place for you both to learn. And in that safe place you can delight in watching your dog transform from "stubborn" to happily attentive!

I'll help you and your dog understand each other better so that you can have a life time of learning, living and loving life together. I'm dedicated to providing each dog with the individualised training they need to succeed and look forward to helping everyone reach their full potential.

Dog training out on the trails, at a restaurant, and in a park

Peaceful, Positive Pet Parents Say...

“Finding Heidi and working with her has been an absolute joy. She has not only helped my dog to learn appropriate behavior but has taught me how to work with him and given me the tools to improve our bond tenfold.“

Nadia N.

“Heidi was a godsend for us! ….We initially thought that Maynard was a hopeless and challenging case but it has been a complete turn around, now we feel like we don’t even have the same dog!”

Jennifer O.

“Ocoee loves his trainer Heidi! She is very smart and fun, (and) makes every training session positive for him.  I am a Deaf woman…and I really appreciate that she knows American Sign Language and can utilise her signing skills with us!” 

Haley P.