Positive Puppies

ChattDog Trainer: Puppy Training for Chattanooga,TN Pet-Parents

Is Your Puppy More Trouble Than You Anticipated?

You had a dream of cute, soft puppy cuddles. But now you feel like you are in a nightmare of torn flesh, sleepless nights, and constant clean-ups. Did you make a mistake? No, you didn't, but you could use some help with the overwhelm and getting on the right track.

We'll help you navigate the "puppy blues" and find peace once again. We'll show you how to set your puppy, your home, and yourself up for success. And the effort you put in now will have a long term impact on the type of dog your puppy will grow to be. Teaching your puppy to be calm, confident and responsive to you now will save you time, money and heartache in the future.

What dreams do you have for your life with your dog? NOW is the time to lay the foundation for those dreams to become a reality.

How We Can Help

Potty Training

We'll train your pup to pee outside and not on your favorite carpet

Sleeping Through the Night

Let’s get your puppy, and you, a full 8 hours of sleep again

Puppy Biting and Chewing

We’ll help your puppy learn where to place their needle sharp teeth


We’ll introduce your puppy to new and novel experiences to build a confident dog

Puppy socialisation  at Ace Hardware

Basic Manners

Beyond sit, stay and come, they’ll learn “say please” and “quiet please”

Our Training Packages

For puppies  8 weeks to 9 months

All packages include:

  • A training folder

  • Handouts

  • Treats

  • Clickers

  • Puppy Passport

  • On going support

The Foundation Training Package

To address your most immediate needs concerning your puppy’s training, our foundation package will get you off on the right foot! This 6 week program will take place in the comfort of your own home as the whole family learns train your puppy together!

6 Training Sessions

  • Initial Consultation

  • 4 Sessions In Your Home

  • 1 Field Trip Session

Investment: $900

The Complete Puppy Training Package

For extra support and more in depth training choose our Complete Puppy Package! This 10 week program will help you solidify the skills both you and your puppy are learning in a variety of situations, including places you want to take your pup; we will even learn some fun tricks!

10 Training Sessions

  • Initial Consultation

  • 7 Sessions In Your Home

  • 2 Field Trip Sessions

Investment: $1300

The Busy Parent-

Puppy Day Training

Are you a busy pet parent who doesn't necessarily have the time to train your puppy, but knows how important it is? We'll train your pup for you! Three weeks of Day Training with us will help your pup overcome their biggest hurdles; we’ll take care of the training, you take care of everything else.

13 Training Sessions

  • Initial Consultation

  • 3 Sessions for your dog each week

  • 1 Training results transfer session for you each week

Investment: $1800

3 week package includes 2 complimentary follow up sessions

Ready to take your first step?

Sign up for an initial consultation and get your most pressing questions answered. We will give you management and training tips for immediate relief, enrichment ideas, show you how training works and discuss the areas that are the highest priorities for you.

Investment: $200

(If you purchase a package, this cost will be rolled into the package price)

Have questions? We can help!

How Training Works

Step 1

Contact us! Schedule your consultation and we’ll learn about you, your puppy and your goals!

Step 2

We’ll train your puppy through positive reinforcement methods to help you reach your goals

Step 3

Enjoy your well trained puppy who will grow into a confident, happy companion for years to come

Are You Ready for a Positively

Happy Puppy?

In-home puppy training session

“Heidi was so great with our puppy. Her patience, flexibility, and knowledge are all a plus.”

-Zach B