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ChattDog Trainer: Dog Training for Chattanooga,TN Pet-Parents

Tired Of Your Dog Ignoring You?

You're yelling "COME back here!" as he's racing down the street, you're afraid that he may get hit by a car and wondering what the neighbours think of you. It's both scary and embarrassing; we've all been there. Or he's jumping up on people, stealing things off the counter and not laying down, no matter what you say.

Often our dogs are not stubborn or disobedient, they just don't understand commands as well as we think they do. This is where we can help Our private training sessions are designed to get your dog and your family on the same page, so that he will happily respond to you.

How We Can Help

Basic Manners Training

We’ll teach your pup to sit, stay, leave-it, polite greetings and everything in between

Leash Skills Training

Walking nicely on leash is a learned skill - we’ll help them learn it so you can both enjoy the walk

Recall Training

Wishing your dog would run back to you as excited as they did after that squirrel? We can help!

And Much More!

Your training is tailored to your needs.

Our Private Dog Training Programs

We offer training in two different forms to suit your lifestyle needs and dog training goals.

All dog training packages include:

  • A training folder

  • Handouts

  • Treats

  • Clickers

  • On going support

Private Coaching-

Heidi teaches you how to train your dog

Are you the "all in" kind of pet parent who wants to be as involved as possible with the training? Then you'll love this package as we train you :) how to train your dog. We will give you the skills and confidence to connect with your dog in a way that gets fulfilling results.

What do you envision for you and your dog? We'll help that dream become a reality. We'll lay a foundation of manners that you will be able to build on, give you confidence that you and your dog really do understand each other, and give you the skills so that when "life happens" you will be able to adjust successfully.

Typically we meet once per week, for about one hour per session. We'll work in your home as well as places you want to frequent with your dog, such as the park, a cafe, the river....

7 Training Sessions

  • Initial Consultation

  • 4 Sessions in your home

  • 2 Field trip sessions

Investment: $1050

Teaching fun dog tricks as well as basic obedience
Well trained dogs have ore fun when outside the home

Day Training-

Heidi trains your dog

Are you a busy pet parent who feels overwhelmed at the thought of adding dog training to your crazy schedule? Even though your untrained dog is driving you crazy? Let us do the heavy lifting and "most of" the dog training for you. (You still have to practice some for it to "stick").

Heidi will come to your home 3 days/week and work individually with your dog so that he really "gets" the concept. You do not have to be there. At the end of the week we will have a transfer session where your dog will show off what he's learned and you will learn how to continue to reinforce those behaviours.

Typically we will work for about an hour in your home and/or neighborhood and will include potty and playtime with the training. And you get to chill with your dog when you come home!

3 weeks= 13 Sessions

  • Initial Consultation

  • 3 Training sessions for your dog each week

  • 1 Training results transfer session for you each week

Investment: $1800

3 week package includes 2 complimentary follow ups session

Ready to take your first step?

Sign up for an Initial Consultation and get your most pressing questions answered. We'll give you management and training tips for immediate relief, enrichment ideas, show you how training works and discuss the issues that are the highest priorities to you.

Investment: $200

(If you purchase a package, this cost with be rolled into the package price)

Have questions? We can help!

Worried Your Dog Needs Help Beyond Basic Obedience Training? 

Sometimes our training needs go beyond basic manners and cues. If your pup is showing signs of reactivity, anxiety, or aggression - we want to get you the customized help that you and your dog need.

Does Your Dog…

  • Bark and Lunge at Strangers or Dogs?

  • Guard His Food Or Valuable Objects?

  • Have A Hard Time Relaxing?

  • Exhibit Fearful Behaviors Of New Places Or Loud Noises?

Contact Us!

Schedule an initial 1.5 hr consultation where we’ll discuss your dog and formulate a training plan for your specific concerns and determine if a referral is needed.

Consultation: $200

Custom Packages: $155/Session

*Required number of sessions to address behavior issues will be determined after initial consultation with your trainer

How Training Works

Step 1

Contact us! Schedule your consultation and we’ll learn about you, your dog and your goals.

Step 2

We’ll train your dog through positive reinforcement methods to help you reach your goals.

Step 3

Enjoy your well trained dog who will grow into a confident, happy companion for years to come.

Are You Ready for a Positive Training Experience?

“Heidi is the best thing that has ever happened to my dog.”

-Patricia D.